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Energy Healing for Veterans
Oct 1st, 2019 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

The military is not know for incorporating spirituality into its culture. But one veteran and military spouse is on a mission to help other veterans with PTSD and other ailments to find peace and healing with energy work. 

Jeanita Kennedy us of the Red Streak Clan born to the Towering House People, maternal grandparent is of the Salt People and paternal grandparent is of the Bitter Water. She was born into a long linage of medicine men and women, and the healing medicine runs deep in her blood. Since the beginning of her spiritual path, she has learned that her way wasn’t the same as her ancestors. She was meant to step out of her comfort zone, away from her people, and bring Navajo medicine beyond the Four Sacred Mountains. The past three years she has learned the modern way of energy work and learned to integrate it with the Navajo ways. She joined the Air Force and deployed to the Middle East multiple times before separating in 2008 and moving to Minot, North Dakota, with her children and husband, who is in the Air National Guard.

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Red Streak Medicine (public facebook group)

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