The Dear MilFamily Podcast

A podcast for anyone who has a family member in the military or anyone interested in the military lifestyle.
Military Kids Take Over!
April is the official Month of the Military Child!
We want to hear from you kids about what your military life is like. 
Grab your parent to help you!
1. Read the tips below.
2. Choose three questions you'd like to respond to.
3. Write down what you'd like to say or have your parent interview you!
4. Click the link and have a parent fill out the interview consent form. Interview Consent Form
5. Record yourself using the voice memo app on your or your parent's smartphone
6. Email your voice recording and release form to 
7. Feel free to send along any art work you want us to feature!
  • Have a glass of water and chapstick nearby (it's hard to talk for a long time).
  • Introduce yourself (but only use your first name) and age if you like.
  • Choose 3 of the questions below you want to talk about.
  • Write out what you want to say before you record, so if you get nervous you can go back to that. OR
  • Have your parent interview you, but still practice what you will say ahead of time.
  • Find a quiet space to record.
1. What's your favorite place (duty station) you've lived? Why?
2. What helps you when your parent in the military is away?
3. What's been the hardest thing about your parent being in the military?
4. Who is your hero?
5. Describe a favorite family memory or family tradition you have.
6. What makes being a military kid special?
7. How do you think being a military kid is different than other kids?
All submissions need to be sent to by March 25th.
Listen on April 3rd to hear your and other MilKids' responses!

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