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Ep: 64 Courage & The MilSpouse
May 7th, 2019 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

Female military spouses and women in general have a lot of pressure these days to have it all and be it all to everyone. But is that healthy for you and your mental health? Having the courage to stand up and stop feeding into these cultural norms and stereotypes is difficult. But it is time for things to change with the expectations we have for ourselves and the expectations we have of others. I talk to one milspouse who is willing to admit that she was not going down the right path and wants to help change things for all of us.

Justine Evirs is the founder of The Paradigm Switch, a fast-growing movement of military spouses who are unapologetic about their ambitious career goals and their commitment to the military lifestyle. Kimberly Jung has called her, "a dynamic and bold leader" and Valerie Rivera referred to her as a "passionate, connected, and unstoppable when she throws her energy into a project." As a Navy veteran & Navy spouse, Justine is proud of the work she has accomplished within military communities across the nation ranging from higher education, entrepreneurship, innovative program development, grassroots community building, to nonprofit management. Today Justine is leading a global digital community for military spouses who are leveraging the power of technology to take control of their careers by offering scholarships to top skills based programs around the globe. The Paradigm Switch will provide 1,000 scholarships and be a community of 20,000 military spouses strong by the end of 2021.

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