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Ep: 30 Military Besties
Jul 10th, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am
Finding friends as an adult can be difficult, but finding military friends can be even harder! We all need someone to lean on during the roller coaster of military life. When you just PCSed to a new area (or maybe all your friends just PCSed) it's scary to think about putting yourself out there again. But it is so important that you do! I talk to Lauren and Michelle of The Dependas of how to find that military friend and keep trying to find your people despite setbacks.
Lauren is a USMC spouse to her husband, James, and a mom of three girls. She is an avid fitness buff to include lifting heavy weights, running further than most people find sane, and yoga so she doesn’t kill anyone around her. She is one half of #TheDependas as well as a small business owner specializing in brand development and VA services and the managing editor of Daily Mom Military. 
Michelle is the other half of The Dependas. She is an Air Force wife, and the mother of two monkeys and a fur baby. She loves her  Mama, Jesus, and America, too! In addition to managing the controlled chaos of motherhood and military life, she is also a registered nurse and dietician who gets her kicks providing TLC to laboring mamas and new babies. Military life has given her the realization that she is not in control and that is incredibly freeing. She enjoys  running, watching real-estate shows with my hubby, and credits her positive attitude in life to her faith, lots of laughter (often to inappropriate things), and the power of relatively cheap Riesling and sweet red wines. 
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