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Ep: 21 The MilSpouse Entrepreneur
May 8th, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

Military life brings about a unique set of circumstances for military spouses. We have to decide many times if it worth it to try to find a job or just wait until our servicemembers are finished with their military careers. But we can actually choose to do something else! We can start our own business and become an entrepreneur! And these types of careers usually translate into a PCS proof business; one in which the business can travel with you wherever you go. In this episode, I speak with Moni Jefferson of Dog Tags and Heels LLC and MilSpouse Creative.

Moni Jefferson is a MilSpouse entreprenuer and owner and creator of Dog Tags and Heels LLC a PR company, the MilSpouse Creative a group devoted to MilSpouse entrepreneurs, MilCam Filter App, and MilEmojis. She is an Air Force wife of 20 years and mother to three brilliant children. 

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Creator of MilCam App

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