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Ep: 17 Together, But Apart
Mar 20th, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

 In this episode, Sheena talks to Lizann Lightfoot of the blog The Seasoned Spouse about how to deal with multiple deployments. Dealing with one deployment can be difficult, but when faced with having to deal with multiple deployments over the course of your spouse's career that can be daunting. Lizann has some great tips and advice to offer spouses that are dealing with their first deployment or wondering how they are going to get through another deployment. 


Lizann Lightfoot is the voice behind the blog, The Seasoned Spouse, Military Advice, an author, military spouse, mother, and all around super woman. She has been on a 17 year military journey with her husband and has had to deal with 6 deployments over the course of his career in the marines. She wrote the book Welcome to Rota after living on naval base Rota in Spain and noticed that many families that were PCS-ing over there had lots of questions and she could help answer them! 

You can find Lizann on social media at:




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She also has a special deployment group on facebook, visit  for more details.


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