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May 29th, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

Maybe you've already PCSed or getting ready to and wondering how to build up a new village or build one for the first time. The number one thing that military families need is a local support network. So how do you get started and where do you go for help? I talk to Jennifer Borgstrom of Military Bridge about how to get connected to a new duty station and how locals can help military families feel more at home sooner.

Jennifer Borgstrom is a proud military spouse and founder of  Jennifer lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia with her two kids, two dogs and husband.  She is a Minnesotan at heart born and raised.  Jennifer moved away from the cold to never return to attend college at The University of Arizona where she majored in Business.  She met her husband while going through pilot training in Tucson which led to 2 years of long distance dating.  After getting married, Jennifer and her husband moved to Hampton Roads area to finish up his military career....after 24 years in the Air National Guard, she jokes she is still waiting for him to finish up.  
Jennifer worked in Pharmaceutical sales before having children.  Once she had kids she chose to be a stay at home mother.  With her children getting older and the realization of a void in resources in the military community she launched in 2012.  MilitaryBridge has kept her busy over the last 6 years and it has been very rewarding experience for her.  Her family loves the Hampton Roads area and enjoys raising their children there.  In her little free time, she enjoys golfing, exercise, cooking, boating and of course spending time with her family.  
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May 22nd, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

Giving birth is definitely an experience. But doing it when your spouse is in the military can add some unexpected needs. Both of my birth experiences were unique in their own way. The thing I wish I did was have a doula at both of them. Mothers often feel like they have no control in their birth processes. Doulas can help moms get back some control. I talk to Amanda Dodson of  Military Birth Resource Network and certified doula about what a doula can do for you before, during, and after giving birth.

Amanda is a certified doula CD (DONA) and HypnoBirthing Educator HBCE.  Her passion to help service members and their families during pregnancy and beyond inspired her to found the Japan Birth Resource Network.  In order to coordinate and provide training and support for local area doulas and parents, Amanda opened the Okinawa Birth Education Center while stationed in Okinawa. As a military spouse of 19 years, she has spent over 13 years living overseas with her husband of 19 years and their 3 children, two of which were born in Okinawa.  Amanda was voted 2016 AFI Spouse of the Year for Marine Corps Base SD Butler, Okinawa, Japan for her important contributions and unwavering commitment to the military community and our country.  She has spent the past 9 years educating and supporting military families stateside and abroad, working to build a continuity of care for expecting families and building relationships while fostering growth in local communities.

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May 15th, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

 "Moving is one of the top stressors in life, right along with death of a loved one, divorce, a major illness, and job less" says Carol Morgan of The Huffington Post (Check out the full article here). With all that stress, it can really take a toll on your physical health. But if you get in control of it before you start the move, you might be able to reduce the impact. On this episode, I talk to Tatiana Mone of Tatiana Mone Fitness. She gives some amazing tips and advice on how to stay healthy before, during, and after a PCS.


Tatiana wears many hats on a daily basis. She is a military wife, mother, project manager, fitness competitor and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Her journey to health and balance came out of necessity. She was unhappy, over her healthy weight, in toxic relationships, and too career focused. She had always known what it meant to look healthy but she had to learn what overall wellness really meant. She had to learn to let go of the negativity in my life, set clear goals, and focus on what was important. Today She is an empowered, happy, and loving my life. Her goal is to inspire others and equip them with the tools to live a happy healthy, balanced life. You can find her:

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May 8th, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am

Military life brings about a unique set of circumstances for military spouses. We have to decide many times if it worth it to try to find a job or just wait until our servicemembers are finished with their military careers. But we can actually choose to do something else! We can start our own business and become an entrepreneur! And these types of careers usually translate into a PCS proof business; one in which the business can travel with you wherever you go. In this episode, I speak with Moni Jefferson of Dog Tags and Heels LLC and MilSpouse Creative.

Moni Jefferson is a MilSpouse entreprenuer and owner and creator of Dog Tags and Heels LLC a PR company, the MilSpouse Creative a group devoted to MilSpouse entrepreneurs, MilCam Filter App, and MilEmojis. She is an Air Force wife of 20 years and mother to three brilliant children. 

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Creator of MilCam App

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May 1st, 2018 by dearmilfamily at 7:00 am
What do you do when your family gets orders to move, but you haven't sold your house? Whether you have fallen into property management by accident or on purpose, Sharon Gran of MilitaryByOwner has some great tips on how to be a landlord. We also discuss other things you should be looking out for when buying, selling, renting, or leasing your home.
Sharon and her husband, Dave, started MilitaryByOwner in 2000.  As a USMC military spouse of 21 years, she has loved (most of the time) 7 different duty stations, 3 deployments, 4 children, teaching and now owning a business with her husband. MilitaryByOwner started with the vision of helping military families connect during a PCS move to buy, sell or rent a home. Today that vision still holds true within the company. 
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