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Nov 21st, 2017 by dearmilfamily at 11:14 pm


Education for military children is a big concern for many military families. The frustration over nothing being the same at every new duty station can drive you crazy. But we have help! Sheena talks to Meg Flanagan of MilKids Ed about what military families can do to help their children and be proactive and not just reactive when it comes to school.

Meg Flanagan, founder of MilKids Ed, is a teacher, mom and military spouse. She is dedicated to making the K-12 education experience easier for military families. Meg has regularly writes for MilitaryOneClick, Military Shoppers, The Military Wife & Mom and NextGen MilSpouse. You can find Meg, and MilKids, online on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

You can finder her:

twitter: @milkidsed


instagram: @mlkidsed

Some of her resources include:

Nov 7th, 2017 by dearmilfamily at 11:15 pm
Being in the military life is hard to say the least. But you know what's something we can all do for each other? Support each other. Whether it's online or in person, finding that support that you need and surrounding yourself with other milfam members to help you grow and be the person you want to be. I talk to Britni Miltner of MilSpouse Resource and OakTree Network all about finding that support no matter whether it's online or off.
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