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Sep 26th, 2017 by dearmilfamily at 6:29 pm

In this episode we talk to Libby Jamison, the current president of the Military Spouse JD Network about how difficult it is for spouses to find a job and transfer certification. 

Grab a glass of wine or whatever your vice is and commiserate with us and then celebrate finding ways for the military lifestyle to work to our advantage on our resumes and when interviewing.

You can find Libby on social media of course:

Twitter: @libbyslemonade


You can also find MSJDN on social media:

MSJDN info:
Twitter: @milspouseJD
Instagram: @msjdn
Other resources for career-minded military spouses:
DOD Spouse Education and Career Opportunities:
InGear Career:
Society of Military Spouses in STEM:
Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians:
National Military Family Association (scholarships for education and licensing):

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Sep 12th, 2017 by dearmilfamily at 9:18 pm

Ever had to be away separated from your spouse for a period of time? Maybe you have to go through lots of little TDYs fairly regularly. Maybe you have gone through lots of deployments with your spouse. Maybe you've only had to do one and it sucked! Well my friend, this episode is my love letter to you. I see you. I go through them too. 


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